New Zealand is the country of better residing, studying and working systems; ever offering the world-class standards of living to residents. It is a well-grown and well-connected nation with rest of the world along with lots of opportunities borne within. If you are looking for higher qualifications, working opportunities or migration is just your lookout, NZ is an ideal destination for you. Its landscapes are enriched with the real geographical beauty and are thus one of the most visited places by tourists coming from almost every corner of the world. Technology is also a great achievement to them in many sectors, raising a plenty of openings for further education and working thereby for both locals and overseas folks – really a balanced life-work background!

There are five unique ways you can show us your duty to living in New Zealand forever. We need to see evidence of in any occasion one of them.

  • You have put sufficient time in New Zealand
  • You have contributed New Zealand
  • You have New Zealand charge home status
  • You have a business in New Zealand
  • You have set up a base in New Zealand

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