WHAT IS Spoken English?

Our unique Spoken English course is developed by expert mentors and tailored to help candidates learn and improve their hold on English language. This course is ideal for students who are regional-medium students, IELTS/study visa aspirants, housewives, job seekers, and anyone who wishes to improve their English speaking skills.

Course Structure

In the present scenario, it is very difficult to reach a great position in a company or career without having a perfect grasp on English. Keeping that in mind, our Spoken English course structure is designed in a way so that it benefits beginners, students, professionals, job seekers and all sections of people.

Basics of communication

Basics of communication

Basics of communication, Building solid Vocabulary

Flow of words, Learn how to construct sentence

Communication habits, Self-assessment tests

Building Vocabulary

Building Vocabulary

Building good vocabulary with 1000+ words

Focus on flow of words

Sentence formation with syntactic maturity



Basics, Preposition, Articles, Conjunction

Punctuation, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective

Verb Tenses, Grammar Usage in Sentences

Spoken English for real world

Spoken English for real world

Everyday communication, Shopping

Conversation with friends, Traveling

Visiting a doctor - Telephonic communication, etc


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